Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New? Used? or Barebone?

When it comes to purchasing computer equipment the question has always been should I buy new? Should I upgrade? Should I buy used like off of E-Bay? These are all good options but like any options they have their pros and cons.

Used for example can save you quite a lot of money and up you as far as speed and equipment value. The downside is how good is the computer and does it come with any type of warranty. When you buy used your at the mercy of the seller. No matter how good the computer was when it was sold it can go downhill quickly or be a reliable machine.

Upgrading has its advantages you already have a working computer now your trying to expand its use. In some cases this is a good option but spending a lot of money with no overall performance increase is just a waste of time and money.

Buying new can be away to go but do you need the expense of new computer? If you have some fiances to play with a better option is to build your own by purchasing a barebone and adding components to it. You can use some of your current components if they are not too old and could save you some money by not let say having to buy a new hard drive if yours has pretty good storage capacity. It all depends on what you need want and can afford.

I would use a barebone before I would ever buy new cause I can build it like I want it. This can saves me lots of money in getting the components I need over buying them retail.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is your computer worth today?

So you have purchased that new computer. So what are you going to do with the old one? If you try to sell it how much should you ask for it? Well there is website that helps you do just that. So when deciding how much your used computer is worth you can get a lot of info about value and how to sell it. will also allow you to appraise other electronics as well including TV's and Ipod's. This is also a good site to instruct on how to sell or buy a used laptop or desktop. also has classifieds section to sell your used electronics at. You can also browse the classifieds and find a used electronics for purchase. You no longer after wonder what price to put on your used electronics.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Computer world and the economy

With gas prices soaring out of control more and more people will be using their computers to do shopping online. One thing that also may change in the next few years is that employers will allow their employees to work from home. I see this a alternative to commuting. We can do our part by looking for ways to save time and money by doing as much as we can from our home computers.

Some have been very reluctant to conduct business from home because of fear and privacy issues. If you take good steps to protect your computer you should have no problems of your identity being stolen. Just make sure you have good virus and spyware protection. Watch out for phishing emails that email telling you there is problem with your account. These are bogus and after your information. I can go as far as to say never click on them even if it looks legit.

I conduct as much business as I can by phone and the Internet. If we can modify some of the ways we do things we can save time and money.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Barebone Computers for the Novice

If you have ever considered buying a new computer buying a barebone computer could save you lost of money. The main problem is that many people are not tech savvy. They basically have no clue where to begin. In this article I give you some easy tips to get you started and up and running in no time. Click here to read more..

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Computer Tips: What Causes Windows Not to Boot?

Did this ever happen to you? You turn on your computer and Windows stays at the splash screen and does not boot up. What could be the cause? There are quite a few issues that would not allow Windows to boot. In this article we will examine those issues and give you tips on how to determine what is wrong. Click here to read more..

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Brief Overview of the AMD Processor

Recently I gave an overview of the different Intel processors. Intel's competitor is AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). AMD has been known for some time by gamers as the processor to own. AMD is not only a good gaming processor but has the power to run almost any application with the same performance as Intel's processors. This article gives you a brief overview of the processors AMD offers and the what they was designed for. Click here to read more...

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Problems that Cause Windows to Load Slowly

Is this your computer? Your computer loads very slowly than it used to? How can you fix this and where do you start to look? In this article I will give you tips and where to look and what to do if your computer is loading slowly. Click here to read more...

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